final ID card

Universal ID Card

Universal ID Card:

This project was to make an ID card that could fit anyone’s information on it.

So I began by looking at already existing ID cards of different types.



I really liked these clear ones but the all the information will not fit.




 But then I came across late 1800 and early 1900 ID cards and passes and I found them much more interesting to look at. I really like the slab serif typefaces and then the handwriting.

old asain passports item-bagai-ahn-001

ImmigrantIdentificationCard-USDepartmentOfState-FrontSide-500 GruberID_X

AustrianImmigrant-Front-500 450-war-dept-id-card

And when I saw the holes punched into this card I thought it was much more interesting than the regular holograms.


sketch 1 sketch 2


ID card_colors_test-01

I noticed that some of the cards were blue or green but the tan looked better. It’s wasn’t the color that was the hard decision, though, but the position of the information so that anything of any length can be put there.

Final Design:

final ID card

Add photos of made card here

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