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Scenic App

Scenic App

Design an app based only on the data that is available on NYC Open Data.

To begin I started to look into what data was available.

Data charts that I looked at:

-historic houses

-hiking trails

-running tracks

-temporary art


-youth jobs and internships

-times square food and drinks locations

-after school Teen ACTION Programs

-energy and water disclosures for local law 84

-sea level rise map

-harbor water quality

-locations and types of litter baskets

-railroad lines

-weekly road resurfacing

-farmers markets with coupons

-total water consumption each year

-community gardens

-water resevoir levels

-drinking water quality


I then also went in search of what types of apps are the most useful.

Most popular apps:

The 10 Most Popular Apps of 2015

These are the 25 most popular mobile apps in America

These most popular app were mostly utility (including search engines) or social.

Most useful apps:

-this had a list of apps that had really good functions to them

-this was one look at a person’s list of apps that they user everyday

iPhone 6 Barometer Sensor Features

-iphone 6 sensors


While looking at all of that I made a list of directions that I thought was interesting in all the data above.


After looking at and contemplating what I could do with all that data I kept being drawn to the NYC trail data.



app logo-01

So I listed the aspects that I could use about hiking trails and started thinking of a name to encompass the main idea.

Since I was going for an activity based app I looked into the fitness of walking.

Exercising and workout examples:

The Beginner Weight Training Workout Routine

-sample walking workouts

-walking workouts


Reasons to walk:

-10 health benefits to walking

5 Great Reasons You Should Take a Walk Today

-5 health benefits to walking


Then I actually found the listing of the trails on this website:

NYC Hiking Trails website:

-hiking demographics from 2005 with the most hikers being aged 45+

-number of hikers in the US 2008-2015


Then I went in search of walking/exercise/hiking apps to see their function and design.

Fitness/walking apps:

-this one is Google Fit (android’s Apple Health)

-I really liked how simple and straight to the point this one is this its stats

-I liked some of the graphs that they use

-these are the voted by readers best pedometer apps

-5K training app that is a game where it gives you a scenario to save the day from zombies

-the design of is pretty neat though


Hiking apps:

-just gives locations of mountain trails in parks and your location when walking them

-just like the MapMyWalk app except it adds a Track My Gear feature

-mostly trail locator, GPS tracker, and trail rater

-hiking trip planner

-trail locator and complete profiles

-trail database for Washington State


List of Multi-Touch gestures for IOS and Android with others:


Here are also some apps that I found through the App Store:











From there I began sketching out the user flow.





1st Round of user flow:

userflow chart_alternates-02

userflow chart_alternates-03

userflow chart_alternates-01

I liked this last homescreen graphic better because it mimicked the logo idea.


2nd Round of user flow:

userflow chart_wires-02

3rd Round of user flow:

userflow chart_wires-03


I continued to try and refine the swiping function more.

I also began gathering ideas about nature:

1st Designs:

layout 1_RGB-01

layout 1_RGB-02

I wanted to utilize color changes as part of tracking the user’s progress but it didn’t work here and my colors are still not right.

Also the app actually had too much focus on exercise so I’m going to change it to more of a game. I looked into some games with walking to see what they are all about.

Walking games:

-not an app but a game on walking to catch music notes; and I liked to drawing quality of it

These were the only games with a different sort of goal



1st Final Designs:

app design_rogers_kaila-01


app design_rogers_kaila-02

app design_rogers_kaila-03

app design_rogers_kaila-04

app design_rogers_kaila-05

app design_rogers_kaila-06

app design_rogers_kaila-07




For this re-design I wanted to keep the same functions but change the way the navigation is set up making it more idyllic like the scenery it promotes.

To get started I started looking for things that have to do with hiking and sight seeing.

environmental logos

environment icons


hiking icons


map icons

native symbols




scenic logo_2-01


Sketches for the navigation.




app pages_3-03 app pages_3_photo-03

app pages_3_2-15 app pages_3-15 app pages_3-09

Final Re-design:

scenic final screens-11

scenic final phones-01 scenic final phones-02 scenic final phones-03 scenic final screens-16 scenic final screens-08 scenic final screens-12 scenic final phones-05 scenic final screens-06  scenic final screens-14 scenic final screens-09 scenic final phones-04 scenic final screens-10 scenic final screens-15 scenic final screens-13 scenic final screens-07





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