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Soundelic App

Soundelic App

This project started out as a small project in my Processing language class where I had to create code using Minim that would respond to a music file. This is what I came up with …

which unfortunately I could not record with sound … but it is responding to an instrumental tango song.

I liked my result so much that I wanted to apply it to something. Give it some sort of purpose.


When I showed to it a couple people they remarked that it had a sort of therapeutic quality to it so I started looking into music therapy.


I also mad a mind map to help me figure out me direction.



Music Therapy:

  • overview of why it works

  • definition of what GIM is



Science Explains Creativity:

I started looking into this area because I was contemplating on connecting it to creativity.

  • this article talked about how they’ve tried to map creativity in the brain but it still proves to be ellusive

  • using mind maps for all kinds of thinking

  • creative regions of the brain

Four Ways Mind Maps Make You More Creative

  • use of mind maps for different learners

  • areas where creativity occurs in the brain

  • some more on the creativity throughout the brain



After I decided on using it in the medical field I wanted to start off with a small area to focus on and I chose the dentist’s office. I decided on this because there are many who have anxiety about dental visits. I am one that gets nervous about potential bad news and the posters on the walls about cavities and gingivitis don’t help.

Dental Anxiety:

  • statistics about the frequency of patient visits and reasons for not doing so

  • statistics on dental visits due to dental coverage

  • article on why people fear the dentists and tricks for overcoming the fear

  • more on the difference of dental anxiety vs phobia

This will not help someone with high anxiety but it will calm those who can’t help but focus on what could go wrong. So it takes their attention off the hygienist and distracts them so they are not focused on what is going on.



Inspiration for icon:

logo_123773753 hypnotize_round_clock-r329fe7b4cae2413bb9706b8c61b9324f_fup1s_8byvr_324 logo_14-music-logos-design logo_color_line_04_vector_160040


I wanted to create something with a hypnotic feel .


Realtime sound visualization:

  • Spotify has one built in

  • how streaming works

  • one method for playing visualizations with Pandora

There are also a few extensions for Chrome that play a visualization to the sound from YouTube, Pandora, and Google Play Music.




soundelic logo_2

soundelic app icon_1-01

These are sketches for the icon.


These are sketches for the content of the screens.



soundelic app_1-03 soundelic app_1-04 soundelic app_1-05 soundelic app_1-09


soundelic app_test_2-09 soundelic app_test_2-08 soundelic app_test_2-07



Final App Design:

soundelic final phones-11

soundelic final phones-01 soundelic final phones-02 soundelic final phones-07 soundelic final phones-03 soundelic final phones-04 soundelic final phones-05 flat_screen_minim_1

soundelic final phones-06 soundelic final phones-10 soundelic final phones-09 soundelic final phones-08




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