Nothing Is Perfect

Design a product about a frustration that would go in the New Museum Store or Colette.


Just before the start of this project I was doing research for my marketing project on package design and stumbled upon these packages in my research that caught my eye.



lovley-package-lockhart-tennessee-whiskey1 lovley-package-lockhart-tennessee-whiskey2

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lovely-package-poster-calendar1-e132526638561525 lovely-package-poster-calendar5-e132526660056325 lovely-package-poster-calendar7-e132526665025324 lovely-package-poster-calendar6-e132526662246325

These just got some of my juices flowing because I liked their formats and ideas.


So to begin my project I started off making a list of fears but mostly frustrations.

My list of frustrations & fears:

  1. technology
  2. impatience
  3. perfection
  4. injustice
  5. unwillingness to learn
  6. people imposing themselves on someone
  7. spanish signs
  8. group think
  9. blandness of cars
  10. carelessness
  11. hypocrisy
  12. greed/money
  13. cut-throat competition
  14. not enough time
  15. feeling like i never do enough
  16. stereotypes
  17. inequality


Classmates thoughts on my list:


From what they had circled on my list I narrowed my list down for my self and made a list of them. In the list I started figuring out what each frustration means to me, what feelings it causes, and any products that come to mind.

img_9345 img_9346

From there I narrowed my list further to not doing enough, perfection, and impatience. I then defined these words to see if I can understand them better and see them in a different light.

To start I was leaning most towards perfection because it’s the thing that drive me the most insane.

noun: perfection
  1. the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.
    “the satiny perfection of her skin”
    • a person or thing perceived as the embodiment of perfection.
      “I am told that she is perfection itself”
      synonyms: the ideal, a paragon, the ne plus ultra, a nonpareil, the crème de la crème, the last word, the ultimate, the best; More

      informalone in a million, the tops, da bomb;
      dated,the bee’s knees, the cat’s meow/pajamas/whiskers
      “for him, she was still perfection”
    • the action or process of improving something until it is faultless or as faultless as possible.
      “among the key tasks was the perfection of new mechanisms of economic management”
      synonyms: improvement, betterment, refinement, refining, honing

      “the perfection of her technique”

Now I usually feel that I have more problems with being a perfectionist than anything and I wanted to see what other say about that.

Downsides of being a perfectionist:

6 Hidden Downsides of Perfectionism

-the downsides of perfectionism

-a look at perfectionism, what causes it, how to combat it


Than I moved on to my second favorite to see what I could find on that topic.

Feelings of not doing enough:

-one man’s struggle, burnout, and climb out of the inadequacy hole

-this person’s reaction to the feeling of not doing enough is slowing down and being in the moment

-short post on how this person goes about “just being”

-This was a, in a way, deeper look at that feeling. Looking at it from a family and parental origin.

How to Stop Feeling Like You’re Not Enough

-one man’s tips for how to let go of that feeling

-another man’s short opinion on the feeling

-the scientific reasons why we feel that their isn’t enough time and we haven’t done enough

-sometimes when you feel you aren’t doing enough you really aren’t doing enough

-tips for curbing the feeling of inadequacy

-a whole different set of types to curb the feeling of unsuccessfulness

5 Truths to Defeat the Fear of “Not Doing Enough”

-another different view on the feeling but in a religious way


In the end I felt that this feeling stems from and probably consists of a number of things for everyone. So I tried to define it better.


noun: inadequacy; plural noun: inadequacies
  1. the state or quality of being inadequate; lack of the quantity or quality required.
    “the inadequacy of available resources”
    synonyms: insufficiencydeficiencydeficitscarcity, sparseness, dearthpaucityshortagewantlackundersupplyMore
    • inability to deal with a situation or with life.
      “her feelings of personal inadequacy”
adjective: accomplished
  1. highly trained or skilled.
    “an accomplished pianist”
    • dated
      having a higher level of education than average and good social skills.


past tense: accomplished; past participle: accomplished
  1. achieve or complete successfully.
    “the planes accomplished their mission”
    synonyms: fulfillachieve, succeed in, realizeattainmanage, bring about/off, carry out/through, executeeffectperformdodischargecompletefinishconsummateconclude;


These directions were not doing it for me. Instead I felt a pull toward the fact of procrastination and what causes that for me (and those I asked) is being unmotivated and/or uninspired. So I defined these terms to understand them better.

motivation– having a strong reason to act or accomplish something, the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way, the general desire or willingness of someone to do something

inspiration– the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative, a sudden brilliant, creative, or timely idea, the drawing in of breath; inhalation, a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul (in spirit)

feelings– an emotional state or reaction, an emotion or emotional perception or attitude, a sensitivity to or intuitive understanding of, a belief, especially a vague or irrational one, a consciousness or vague awareness

After reading these explanations I actually felt more confused and unfocused on the topic. I think that it was because the meanings are too similar for me. So to help me find a concrete discernible explanation I wrote why I think I always feel like I never do enough.


After writing my explanation I doubted that the statement was worded correctly so I wrote some new ones but ended up with the same statement anyway.


So here I worked on trying to get an understanding of it.


In these separate searches the articles that I found related motivation and inspiration. But then I found one that talked about the difference between the two:

Inspiration vs. Motivation

Then once I felt that I had a pretty clear understanding after making it muddy for myself I went in search of ways to get more motivated and inspired:

-this site talked about how import emotion is in feeling motivated

-talked about what feelings drag you down and that self reflection will tell you what you are missing psychologically

-here they discussed the things psychological; and environmental influences of motivation as the previous articles

-a look into what helps facilitate more inspiration and motivation


I was feeling unsure about that topic after all that and decided to go and research greed, another frustration that I feel strongly about.



  1. intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.
    synonyms: avaricecupidityacquisitiveness, covetousness, rapacity;


-a look at the battle of the idea of greed through intellectuals throughout history

Why the Rich Are Less Ethical: They See Greed as Good

But I didn’t find anything really inspiring about it so I too a break form my concept and instead looked at some useless products to see if it would spark any ideas.


-these so called inventions were completely ridiculous

-another completely ridiculous list of stupid inventions

10 Useful Inventions That Went Bad

-this list was much more interesting because they were inventions that had a decent use and purpose but were actually better at destruction than helping


I also looked a tad bit into the lack of patience but didn’t find much there for myself.


5 Tips for Teaching Patience

-5 tips for teaching kids patience

-how the french teach patience to children


At this point I was running out of time so I delved into one of the ideas that I had so far for my feeling like I never do enough.

It was to be a gum that when chewed it would boost your mood and give you ideas.


-a short history of chewing gum and the uses it provides

-the bad side to chewing gum

-some more on the history of chewing gum

-a bit more into the history of chewing gum


Chewing gum and brain function:

-a very confirmation of a study done on the effects of brain function while chewing gum

-it is believed that chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain improving memory the same as mild exercise

-there are claims that it improves memory recall and alertness but the flavor has impact


Here I started exploring the different formats of gum:


I was no longer feeling that good about this idea so I looked into some different kinds of formats that that idea would be useful in.


-a brief history of smelling salts and their uses

-a little bit more about the history and use of smelling salts

-a more therapeutic approach to smelling salts


modern smelling salts:

first_aid_ammonia_inhalant_capsules modern-smelling-salt

Victorian smelling salt:



In my search into what aromatherapy is and does I started with the explanation given in the book The New Age Herbalist by Richard Mabey

-both these sites gave some more information in a medical perspective

I strayed away form these, though, because I felt that the format would be too similar to a previous package design that I’ve done.

So by then I went back to the drawing board and did more research on achieving productivity because I had finally connected the word productivity to the concept of feeling unproductive.

I looked into boredom some to see if that is a problem of my feelings of unachievement:

-one teacher talks about how boredom shouldn’t be cured and is a way to come up with new ideas

-this article looked at boredom differently as a more of something that is actually linked to depression, mental illness, and part of human evolution to avoid similar situations

So I don’t feel that boredom offers up any solution for me.


This is when I started to look a little into positive emotions.

Why We Need Both Negative and Positive Emotions

-this explains why both positive and negative emotions support each other

-the top 10 positive emotions

-list of the positive emotions

-TED talk on doing what you love makes you motivated and inspired


A look into the science of how inspiration occurs:

-you’re actually the most creative when you’re not at your peak time

-an overview of brain waves and how to facilitate more creativity by exercising the brain


Types of inspiration:

The Two Types of Inspiration


Mood and productivity:

-list of tips by psychologists for being productive

-what colors to paint office spaces and why

-how music improves mood which then improves productivity if there are no lyrics, is familiar, and is low on the noise level

-how plants increase productivity in offices by absorbing the carbon dioxide in the inside air which is worse than the outside air

The Science of How Temperature and Lighting Impact Our Productivity

-artificial light has been shown to make people more sleepy and colder temperatures use up the body’s energy

-scents affect people because of their past experience with it and if there is no experience associated with it it has no effect & moods influence who we think and act

-this article just compiled the previous ones

-this article had an overview of the difference between emotion and motivation

-different causes of motivation

-talks about how the type of management in a workplace can have  a positive or negative impact on the workers

So by then I came up with a different direction for the concept. Since the gum was not really substantial enough.

img_9325 img_9328 img_9329

This was the idea that I was going to go with initially.


This idea was to allow the user to control the five different aspects that effect someone’s mood and therefor productivity which are sunlight, rhythm, color, temperature, and aroma. Each section there would control one aspect.

A couple times I went and looked at the stores that they are supposed to be sold in, and got a pretty elitist vibe from both stores.

The New Museum Store:

-about the store which largely carries artful objects and thoughts,6471.html

-this product here was especially unbelievable for me,7471.html

-the reason for this perfume is pretty interesting,7157.html

-I thought this product was kinda funny and obvious


Colette online store:


I just felt that the idea above did not really fit into the stores because it’s so normal and now common. So I went with an earlier idea I had thought might be a little too ridiculous. This new one does the same thing that the one above does but in a different way. I hatched the idea between a memory of an old Cheetos commercial and the memory of a gag balloon called Bomb Bags. What the product is are plastic packets where when one crushes the center it releases a chemical reaction. There will be five different chemical reactions that produce an effect that will change the amount of light, color, aroma, and temperature of a space, or provide a tempo.



Listing of name ideas:


To help with a name and even a logo I looked up some symbols.

How to Use Animal Symbology in Design + Inspirational Showcase

-what different types of animals commonly symbolize

-meanings of basic symbols

Logo Design Theory, Part 1: Symbols, Metaphors And The Power Of Intuition

-the use of symbols is design work



33 More Creative Logos With Hidden Symbolism

-bunch of clever logo examples that had used some gestalt


I chose the name Ignite because it has a spark idea behind it which is what I want to get across. The product is one that helps ignite the fire under the user’s feet. It uplifts their mood so then it’s easier to think up ideas and get things rolling.

Sketches of the packets and box.



Sketches for a logo:

img_9335 img_9334 img_9333


Here is the Pinterest board that helped me find ideas to use in my mood board:

I also revisited an ongoing packaging board I made:


Testing textures and marks:





I really liked the neon splatter because it gives a feeling of sparks.






Testing out typefaces. Initially I like the idea of Celestia Antiqua and Caslon Antique because of their burnt like quality but they looked to formal with the splatter.









Logo typeface testing:





logo-typeface_3 I went with this version because the last looked too odd on the curve.



I like the asymmetry that some of the letters posses in Neutra and that is why I chose it and further altered it to make it more uneven feeling.



logo-tests_1 logo-tests_2 logo-tests_3



Directions testing:



Box back layout sketches:

img_9344 img_9343

Box layout sketches:






img_9312 img_9306

img_9317 img_9316


In the end I really liked the quality of the burns. It gives it something unexpected especially with the neon color underneath. That makes it look less dangerous.


Font and back layout sketches:






Final back layouts:

bottom_orange-01 bottom_blue-01 bottom_green-01 bottom_pink-01 bottom_yellow-01

Final front layouts:

top_green-01 top_blue-01 top_yellow-01 top_orange-01 top_pink-01




Final Design:





img_9200 img_9201

img_9198 img_9199

img_9195 img_9196

img_9193 img_9194

img_9183 img_9186

img_9187 img_9190 img_9189 img_9188





img_9261 img_9233

img_9259 img_9229

img_9252 img_9220

img_9250 img_9224

img_9248 img_9218





I decided to re-design this project because the end result still didn’t resolve my problem and I wanted a better answer. So I began looking into why I felt I never get enough done again.

I reviewed what I had found last semester.

I read this book, which was really interesting, but I still wasn’t really getting the right solution. I couldn’t see it …


until I had a conversation with my mom about my projects. Eureka! She had the answer the whole time. I was looking in the wrong direction. It is my perfectionism and fear of failure that constantly stands in my way.

The Inner Critic:


  • games for personal enlightenment

  • 5 tips for killing the inner critic

How to Kill Your Inner Critic

  • why not to kill the inner critic

  • the double edged sword nature of the inner critic

  • balancing your negative thoughts

  • types of negative thoughts that are unproductive

  • finding balance with perfectionism

  • be careful to make sure your goals re attainable

  • art is not just for the educated


Then a classmate of mine made a remark in class that got me thinking about how we are always told about the great things that people do but never about their mistakes. All the holes that they fell in on path. That’s more interesting anyway and definitely more inspiring.

The Mistakes of Great Minds:

50 Famously Successful People Who Failed At First

  • list of famous people who failed



  • history of the scientifically perfect typeface





img20170418_14113844_cropped img20170418_14160815_cropped



Final Re-design:

IMG_9836 IMG_9834 IMG_9835

IMG_9843 IMG_9849

IMG_9852_cropped IMG_9858_cropped IMG_9855_cropped IMG_9854_cropped

This calendar opens vertically in its book casing.




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