Here to There book

Here to There Book: The Life of a Pair of Pointe Shoes

List of Ideas:

  • change in daylight
  • manufacture of pointe shoes
  • a specific location
  • following maps lines
  • mirror
  • burning candle
  • making a painting/drawing
  • types of travel
  • message in a bottle
  • pet finding way home
  • life of pointe shoes
  • finding the right pair of pointe shoes
  • tracking constellations
  • history of stamps


Because many people believe that pointe shoes, or toe shoes a they are called commonly, are made of wood I thought that it would be interesting to focus on the life of pointe shoes.

I started with researching what professional dancers think about their pointe shoes.

-dancers talk about preparing their shoes

Pointe Shoes Receive Tough Love from Houston Ballet Dancers

-interview with ballerinas about their pointe shoes

-interviews with dancers on what pointe shoes they prefer and how they prepare them; this was a good quote from one of the ballerinas

“I think pointe shoes are just beautiful. It still amazes me that how we train ourselves to go on the tiptoe of the foot…how graceful you have to be.”

Christine Schwaner, PBT Principal Dancer

This quote helped me decide that the design of this book will be very simple and elegant because when when they are at their worst they are still beautiful.

-article on a dancer’s opinion on why ballet isn’t dying


I also sought out some visual inspiration:


sketch 1 sketch 2 sketch 3 sketch 4 sketch 5


ballet moodboard_2-01

Rough Layout:

layout 12

layout 1

Final Layout:

here to there_final(150)

here to there_final(150)2

I went with a French title becuase every step in ballet is named with a French word as well as that the word “pointe” itself is French and I wanted it to have more of a presence.

As for the book cover I went with white book cloth because of its resemblance to the stiff canvas and material used to make the shoes. No, pointe shoes are not made of wood nor have they ever been.




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