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Collection: Project 2

Design something that will present your collection in an interesting light.

When I started I had two collections of mine that I had in mind.

  1. pictures of the sky
  2. fortune cookie fortunes

I liked both and was torn between the two so I started to make a sort of comparison list between the two where I thought about why I really collect these things.

img_9001 img_9002


I also started to gather visuals for each to see if they would spark anything.

-board for sky collection

-board for fortune collection


I began digging on the fortune cookie first.

Information on the fortune cookie:

-these two discussed the murky history of the origin of the fortune cookie

-history and making of fortune cookies

-the most prominent fortune writer

-the many writers of fortune cookies and the ideas for them

-why Americans like the fortune cookie

-the 40 best fortune cookie fortunes


Then I noticed that on the fortunes they had a website:

… but I can’t put it here because the link goes haywire


Then I looked into why people love quotes and such:

Mantras Matter: Why We Love Inspirational Quotes So Much

Why do we love #socialmedia inspirational quotes so much?

-cultural significance of proverbs


I also asked a few people if they like fortune cookie fortunes and why.

The overwhelming answer was that they do not because the fortunes are stupid and uninspiring.

So I tried to look at it in terms of chance because besides liking the sometimes ridiculous nuggets of wisdom (it usually makes me smile) I like the whole chance aspect of it. I keep them partly because that is the one that I happened to pick up.

History of chance games:

-role they played in communities (giving hope)

-in the begini9ng they were used for divination and showed probability graphs

-history of dice




I didn’t research these completely separably but they are separate here for organization.

About the sky now:

-general things

-there’s this thing called a cyanometer that measures the blueness of the sky

-about the causes of the sky’s colors

-why it’s never completely dark out at night

-more in depth on rayleigh scattering in the sky

-sky symbolism in other cultures


10 Things Only People Who Love Looking At The Sky Would Understand

-this one discussed why people like looking at the sky (it’s very helpful)

-adding color to deep space photos

-very short story about the sky crying

-some meanings of colors

-the psychological effects color has on people

Color Psychology: The Emotional Effects of Colors

-more color psychology

Color Meanings & Symbolism

-had color theory and color meanings

-the effect of color on behavior

-how color effects you on a more soulful level


perception theories:

-a brief talk on the self-perception theory (how we go about perceiving ourselves)

Your Perception IS Your Reality

-short article talking about changing your story

-this one also talked about self improvement through perception

-a look at the scientific side of physically perceiving the world


Mind maps I constructed for visuals and a better understanding of why I feel compelled to take pictures of the sky all the time.

img_9003 img_9005

Initially I thought I took them to just capture the spectacular color display but then I looked into some quotes about perception and change.

And those prompted me to write my own response to the reason behind this collection. It helped me to really solidify my understanding and concept of my collection.


Sketches for the sky collection:

img_8987 img_8988 img_8989 img_8990

It was all these ideas that lead me in the direction of the sky. The fortunes just did not spark anything with me.

This was the idea that I felt worked the best for being bale to mix and match the pages for the greatest number of outcomes.


Sky collection brief:



I still did not know what I wanted to write within it exactly so I looked into other people’s writings to see if I could use them or get inspiration for my own words. So I went looking in the direction of nature and perception.

Robert Frost poems:

-“directive” poem analysis

Directive – Robert Frost

-the poem “directive” by robert frost

-perspective poem






-robert frost poem


The poems weren’t really doing anything for me so Walt Whitman was suggested to me. I skimmed through a book of his complete works and found that his prose spoke to me most and felt most fitting. His personal words didn’t fit with my project so I wrote my own about three different aspects of the sky that catch my attention.

Walt Whitman:





I looked back at a Pinterest board I made awhile back fro another project to which ways I can construct this with maximum outcomes.

but found nothing helpful there now.

Then I tried to Google it but I must have gotten the wording right enough because my searches came up with next to nothing that I need.


Here I was figuring out directions and layout of the pages in the book.




First mockup:

img_9358 img_9359


Tex layout:




Size mockups:

img_9360 img_9364

img_9363 img_9361


For the cover type I wanted something that felt sky-like and the thick hand written script felt the most like the sky for me.

creativemarket_smitten_preview1-f mabotim-brush-font-1 mabotim-brush lemon-tuesday-regular






I needed one that was pretty thick, though, so that the viewer could see the background image through the type.

Typeface testing on the cover:


I liked the script type better but I didn’t like how it was sitting in the half circle on the cover so I went with the second cover.


sky-covers_1-01   sky-covers_2-01



First Book:



img_9206 img_9208 img_9209 img_9210 img_9212

The size of this book is 10 inches in diameter and made from Bristol. I wanted it big to capture the largeness of the sky but for the way it functions it was too cumbersome a size to handle and the Bristol made it heavier than I thought that it would. The use of the transparent color sheets was  supposed to alter the the mood of each sky image but it was too abstract.

So I went back to the drawing board.



I looked back at a Pinterest board I made awhile back fro another project to which ways I can construct this with maximum outcomes.

but found nothing helpful there now.

Then I tried to Google it but I must have gotten the wording right enough because my searches came up with next to nothing that I need.

This is just about the only other way I can make this book that will give the maximum number of outcomes for the viewer.

img_9318 img_9320


New Brief:


Here are my tests for using a silhouette to change the mood the skies instead of color.

landscape-testing_person_8 landscape-testing_person_7 landscape-testing_person_6 landscape-testing_person_5 landscape-testing_person_4 landscape-testing_person_3 landscape-testing_person_2 landscape-testing_person_1

landscape-testing_dock_8 landscape-testing_dock_7 landscape-testing_dock_6 landscape-testing_dock_5 landscape-testing_dock_4 landscape-testing_dock_3 landscape-testing_dock_2 landscape-testing_dock_1

landscape-testing_silhouette_8 landscape-testing_silhouette_7 landscape-testing_silhouette_6 landscape-testing_silhouette_5 landscape-testing_silhouette_4 landscape-testing_silhouette_3 landscape-testing_silhouette_2 landscape-testing_silhouette_1

landscape-testing_canan_9 landscape-testing_canan_8 landscape-testing_canan_7 landscape-testing_canan_6 landscape-testing_canan_5 landscape-testing_canan_4 landscape-testing_canan_3 landscape-testing_canan_2


At first I really liked the look of the grayscale image because it had a really surreal and curios quality but at the same time it takes away form the image of the sky and I want the sky to be the focal point.



First mock ups of the layout of the book:






Size mockups:



These were tests of the photocopied quality of my handwriting for the book to potentially use ink instead of pencil but the photocopy was less consistent than the pencil quality and it didn’t really add anything to it. I actually thought it made it flatter and if this was flat then if I scanned it and Photoshoped it it would be even flatter. The reason for me using pencil in the first place is because it’s about my opinion and my opinion can be changed. I’m using my handwriting altogether because I want it to be clear that what is written is my opinion and thoughts and only mine. It doesn’t feel as though it is concrete or what they should think about it because it is important that they come to their own conclusions. This is also the reason why I am putting the text on their own separate panels mixed in with the images.







For the cover I looked into some color psychology again to find a color that was uplifting and open minded. It came to the conclusion of a light blue.

img_9321 img_9356 img_9355 img_9322


I wanted to keep with the handwritten script for the cover so I test mine own out but didn’t like any of the results.

img_9353 img_9354


So I went back to my font test sheets and found this one:



I briefly thought about changing the title but I didn’t come up with something that I liked better.







Final Book Design:



























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